Growing Your Faith

Discover our vision, develop your relationships and learn more about joining the Hope Fellowship family.


Welcome to Hope and its intentions to participate in all that God has planned for us. You're invited to participate in what God is already doing in and through the lives of the people at Hope.

By taking a class or seminar, you'll find support, build strong connections, and invigorate your faith by discovering the unique way you have been created.

In January and February we will focus on Praying With Each Other. Our Message Series will focus on relationships and how we can pray into them. Beginning with our relationship with God (fiath) we broaden our horizons to view relationships in an expansive manner

If we can do faith well, we can do living well
If we can do living well, we can do marriage well
If we can do marriage well, we can do family well
If we can do family well, we can do church well
If we can do church well, we can do community well
If we can do community well, we can do the world well

Throughout the series, we are planning events that will tie into each relationship and sheds light on that relationship in a different manner. We look forward to joining hands with you in praying with others in the coming months.


Learn more about the Christian faith and how we, with God’s help, live that out at Hope Fellowship.


Leaning on a foundation of faith, strong families begin with strong marriages. Join us as together we learn more about ourselves and more about our partners.


Discover the gifts God has given you and learn how you can use them to serve God and others.

Classes are offered at various times throughout the year, so check out our calendar for the schedule. For more information about our classes and seminars, please contact the office at