Helping Hands

This is a group of volunteers, willing to help people who are in need of assistance that is not available through existing government agencies.


When someone is sick, injured, elderly or in a tough financial situation, they call upon the volunteers of the Helping Hands ministry to pitch in. 

We can’t meet every need, but when we are made aware of
a situation, we do our best to find someone with the skills for the job.



Helping Hands offers a "hand up"... not a "hand out". 
Our volunteers work for free, but any building
materials or other supplies required for the job are
usually the responsability of the client to provide. 




If you've been a member or regular attender at Hope
Fellowship for six months or longer, and would like to  get involved with the Helping Hands ministry, please email Heidi at

If you or someone you know is in need of our assistance,
please contact the church office at (905) 571-6004 
and leave a message, outlining the details, for Heidi.


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