Within each of our lives there is a story being told. One with the potential to transform a life!


Each week a member of the church takes the time to share a story about how Hope is being shared in their life or in the lives of members of our community.   Please check out the Hopeful Stories on our blog for weekly updates.

Hopeful Story, September 9, 2018

  One of the services offered at The Refuge is a program which helps our most vulnerable and at-risk youth to find safe, stable, and independent housing, called "Housing First." The basic underlying principle of this program is that people are better able to move forward with their lives if they are safely housed, first. Once the basic need for housing is met, additional supports can be added to help with physical and mental health, education, employment, etc.

  Some youth at The Refuge are completely without housing, while others cope with terrible living conditions that contribute to issues elsewhere in their lives. Recently, the staff were blessed to help a wonderful, expectant couple who have been struggling with finding safe, clean and affordable housing with enough space for their young child and soon-to-come baby. Each night, they and their child have had to share a single futon bed in the living room due to concerns for their health and safety. The bedrooms have toxic black mould, their unit has a severe rodent issue, and their neighbourhood has frequent break-ins. 

  With the help of the Housing First program, they have been able to find a beautiful, new space with caring landlords, in a clean and safe neighbourhood. When their move was complete and they were asked how their new place was working out, they smiled and said, "No, not the new place. This is home." 
  These beautiful successes would not be possible without your generous support. 
  On September 29 you are invited to join The Refuge for their RIDE (or WALK) for Refuge fundraiser. Check it out at

N.B. The Refuge is one of five local ministries Hope Fellowship is committed to supporting.

Update: Since this story was written, this couple has had a safe delivery of their beautiful, healthy baby (who's getting bigger every day!) and their oldest child just started their first day of school, and is loving kindergarten. God is so good! :)