Within each of our lives there is a story being told. One with the potential to transform a life!


Each week a member of the church takes the time to share a story about how Hope is being shared in their life or in the lives of members of our community.   Please check out the Hopeful Stories on our blog for weekly updates.

Hopeful Story, June 10, 2018

  Vacation Bible School is in the air.  We certainly do anticipate a week of great fun, energy and action but most of all we PRAY for a week that unleashes a powerful and certain knowledge of the love that Jesus has for all of us. Our theme this year is SHIPWRECKED, Rescued by Jesus.   Through fun characters, songs, interactive stations, even during our snack times our kids will see the many different ways that Jesus surrounds us and cares for us when we feel that we are lonely, when we struggle, when we do wrong, when we feel powerless and even when we worry.

  Please pray for all of the kids that enter the building, that they will come to rely on Jesus in a whole new way. Please pray for the leaders, that they will be that special person that will have impact on the kids and will take this opportunity to shine the light of truth to the kids. Pray for the parents who drop their kids off each day. May they may know that our heavenly Father wants a relationship with all of us. 

  We are grateful that Hope Fellowship supports a program like this, giving kids an opportunity to explore, be empowered and nurtured in the love that Jesus has for them. We pray that our kids leave this week of Vacation Bible School having a firm knowledge that Jesus is always holding them close.    People of Hope - Please take this as your INVITATION to greet our neighbors at the Friday BBQ, July 6th from 5-7 p.m. We need to practice our best hospitality to our invited guests. If you would like to still be part of this week of amazing God Sightings there is still room for you. Contact Cheryl, Erin or Jen or email
- Joan