Within each of our lives there is a story being told. One with the potential to transform a life!


Each week a member of the church takes the time to share a story about how Hope is being shared in their life or in the lives of members of our community.   Please check out the Hopeful Stories on our blog for weekly updates.

Hopeful Story, December 2, 2018

  This year we have over 40 GEMS! We have amazing counselors who pour the truths of the Bible and the love of God into these girls each week. This year’s GEMS theme is Be a Blessing. The counselors have done an amazing job exemplifying this theme weekly through bible talks, crafts, service projects and games.

  This past Tuesday night we had 70 GEMS and their moms/grandmas/aunts making rock art to symbolize God as our Ebenezer- our stone of help through the challenges life brings. They also packed dry soup ingredients in a jar to give to someone in their life. It was amazing to see all of these GEMS and their family members working together to Be a Blessing to others and building fellowship amongst one another.

  GEMS is a place of friendship, joy, games, mentorship, fun, laughter and biblical growth. There is so much diversity within this group. Some of the girls have been part of our community their whole lives while others have never heard the Bible. All of these girls are so eager to fit in, have friends and feel valued. I have the privilege of being able to pop-in to GEMS every so often. I consider it such a blessing to be a person these girls can talk to, to show them how valued and loved they are and how God sees them as beautiful and precious.

  Please continue to pray with me for these girls and their families as they continue to learn and grow in Jesus and for our amazing counselors who make GEMS such a fun and welcoming place!

- Deanna