Music & Praise


Our goal is to bring our very best before the Lord as an offering of praise.  Music and song is a language we use to communicate our thanks, our joy and our sorrow to the Lord.   We believe that God created all forms of musical expression and we try to bring a variety of music to our services.  Though we mainly worship with contemporary music, using modern praise and worship songs, we also treasure the classic hymns.

We have three main praise bands that lead on a regular rotation, but we also have youth teams and a praise chorus (which is like a choir) that lead on occasion.  We have been blessed with many musicians and talented worship leaders at Hope Fellowship and we encourage our leaders to bring their own personalities to each service.  


We believe that worship takes on many expressions and we encourage the use of colourful flags as a form of praise. This often happens spontaneously during the singing and is a highlight for many.  Both children and adults are welcome to participate.


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