What is it that God wants us to know and do? and why? These are the questions we hope to address each and every Sunday.


The Messages preached at Hope are Bible based, Holy Spirit inspired, humanly applied teachings that help us navigate life in Christ but situated in the world. Bible-based in that each message is based on a text or two of the Holy Bible, and are congruent with the over-arching message of the Bible. Holy Spirit inspired in that the Holy Spirit wishes to speak to each and every one of us regardless of life circumstances. Humanly applied in that each message attempts to inform us on how to respond to the words from God.

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Humanity Series: Sexuality

Dale Melenberg
Sunday, March 18, 2018

Who do you know that is so totally different than you? Have you ever talked to them about the differences? Do they see the differences the way that you see the differences? What makes their differences unique to them? What makes your difference unique to you? What do those differences tell you about being created in the image of God?

Humanity Series: Emotionality

Dale Melenberg
Sunday, March 11, 2018

When someone shares with you their ‘emotional wellbeing’, how do you respond? Are you tempted to fix their problem, give solutions, provide assistance? Or you don’t say anything, because you know what you want to say, but ... !? Maybe, if you started with this sentence, it might help both you and the person sharing with you: “I don’t know what to say to you, but this is what I heard you say ...” [Be quick to listen, and slow to speak.]