We are glad to offer a few different ways to support the vision and mission of our church through financial donations.  As a charity registered with the Canada Revenue Agency, we are able to issue receipts which can be used to offset your income tax!  If you provide us with your name and address, we will assign you a giving number (also known as an envelope number) that can be used to track your giving throughout the year.  In January or February we will total up your donations and issue an official tax receipt.

1. Online Giving

We have set up online giving through Planning Center Online, a software system used for a variety of ministries at the church. Visit our giving website here!

On this page you’ll be able to send through a one-time donation or set up a recurring donation (weekly or monthly) to either the church (Budget, Building Fund, Deacons Fund, etc.) or one of the many weekly Causes we support (listed each week in the bulletin such as World Renew or Disaster Response Services). Unfortunately, a generic ‘weekly cause’ donation can’t be used for ongoing Cause donations. You will be emailed a receipt from both Planning Center as well as Stripe, our credit card processor, for each transaction.

If you are a member or regular attender at the church, you also have the opportunity to Log In using the link at the top of the page to create and update your Profile. To keep things simple, there is no password to enter or remember. To access your Profile, simply enter your email address or cell phone number and you will receive a message with a unique 6 digit code each time. Once you’ve logged in, you can update settings such as receipt preferences, review your donation history and create or update recurring donations.

Check out a summary video here.

2. Church Center App

Download: IOS App
Download: Android App

As part of Planning Center, you also have the option of using their app to process donations. Available for iOS and Android, the app is called “Church Center App” and allows you to donate (both one-time and recurring) as well as add debit/credit cards and review past giving (including both online and off).

The app is linked to your cell phone number and will prompt you to connect to your account in Planning Center to access or update your debit/credit card info. Once set up, you don’t won’t need to enter a code before each donation.

3. Text Giving

Our church is now using a Text-to-Give service that is also offered by Planning Center. This system involves creating a link between your mobile number and Hope Fellowship to simplify future donations.
To get started, simply text your first donation amount (e.g. “5”, “20” or “100”) to the number 84321 to receive back a link to a website. This link will show the various churches in our area that use Planning Center. Once you’ve selected Hope Fellowship Courtice CRC and confirmed your email and payment method, your initial donation will be processed. From there, each donation to our default fund (our General Budget) just needs a text with the amount!

To direct your donation to one of our other Funds or Causes, we've set up Keywords to ensure they end up in the right place.

Simply text your donation amount and then the keyword (e.g. “50 foodbank”) – or even combine multiple donations and codes in one message (e.g. “100 budget 50 foodbank”).

The main Keywords are

  • “budget” for the Budget (or just send an amount without a keyword)
  • “vision” for the Vision Offering
  • "building" for the Building Fund
  • “deacons” for the Deacon’s Fund
  • “gate” for Gate 3:16
  • “kitchen” for St. Vincent’s Kitchen
  • “foodbank” for the Hope/Zion Food Bank
  • “refuge” for The Refuge Youth Outreach Centre
  • “phc” for the Durham Pregnancy Help Centre
  • “prc” for the Pregnancy Resource Center in the Dominican Republic
Example “20 budget 20 foodbank”

Please note that only one-time donations can be made by text; our Online Giving page must be used to set up and manage any recurring donations. The Giving page must also be used to manage your debit/credit cards.

Important Note: Both Online and Text-to-Give methods allow you to donate using a debit card with a Visa or MasterCard logo or with a credit card (all types).  There is a cost to the church for these transactions (around 2.5%) however you will be receipted for the full amount you donate.

4. Pre Authorized Debit (HopePAD)

We continue to offer the option to set up automatic withdrawals from your bank account by completing a HopePAD form and submitting it to the office, emailing, or placing in the Treasurer mail slot.  This is a low cost way to automate your donations and allow the church to plan for consistent donations throughout the year.

5. Offering Envelopes

A familiar way to donate to the church for years, you are always welcome to donate using cash or cheque by putting your donation in a white or blue envelope and placing it in the offering on Sundays.  If you're not able to attend on Sunday, you can drop your donation off at the church during business hours and it will be forwarded to the Counting Committee.

The White envelope can be used for the weekly cause, the Building Fund or other causes and the Blue envelope can be used for donations to the General Fund/Budget that supports Hope Fellowship's ministries.

Please note that bills placed in the envelopes do not even need to be folded!

If you don't require a tax receipt, bills and coins can simply be put into the offering on Sunday mornings!