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Role Description:
Teaching Pastor (Shepherd)

A. Immediate Supervisor: Vision Leadership Board

B. Position Type: Full-time Paid Staff position

C. Overall Function:

It is the responsibility of the Teaching Pastor:

  • to oversee all ministry efforts of the Believe in Jesus value of our Mission, including the preaching, sacramental, teaching aspects, and training members for Christian service.
  • to oversee all ministry efforts of the Belong to God’s family value of our Mission, including the care of and integration of membership ministries.
  • and to be primarily responsible for the cross generational shepherding and discipleship of the community, with a focus on the next generation.

D. Specific Responsibilities:

  • Believe in Jesus

With oversight responsibility for the Believe value, the Teaching Pastor will, in consultation with the Vision Leadership Board:

  • Responsible for the proclamation, explanation, and application of Holy Scripture, in a way that Jesus Christ might be built up and people grow in their living relationship with him. (assigned 70% of Pulpit)
  • Responsible for the Sacraments that they are symbols of grace inviting people into a relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • In collaboration with the Director of Worship, develop and implement weekend and special service experiences that inspire all generations to move along the faith continuum, utilizing good use of the praise teams, visual arts, drama arts, and audio/visual aids.
  • Develop and implement a shepherding/discipleship model that inspires all generations to grow deeper in their faith through mid-week learning experiences.
  • Oversee and promote a Disciple-Missional model; teaching and promoting a life of active engagement of the members of the Church with their neighbours.
  • Belong to God’s Family

With overall responsibility for the Belong value, the Teaching Pastor will, in consultation with the Pastoral Care Elders:

  • Promote a shared understanding of a culture of grace where all are seen as children of God regardless of differences, promoting unity not uniformity, diversity not division.
  • Develop and grow a culture and community of Life Groups as the primary vehicle of Pastoral Care, ensuring we all do life together (no one does life alone).
  • effectively shepherd all generations of the church community, and to encircle and welcome curious newcomers and visitors; utilizing Pastoral Care Elders, Life Groups, Support Teams, Prayer Teams, Deacons, and other various ministries to create an effective net of pastoral care.
  • Envision and promote ‘entry points’ for newcomers into the Family of God, Vision Seminars, Membership and Ministry Classes, etc.
  • Create and promote ‘on-ramps’ for current members to increase their level of engagement in the Family of God; discipleship courses, mid-size gatherings, promotion of Bless activities.
  • Casting Vision

As co-shepherd of the Vision and Mission, and with primary accountability for the strategic ministry promotion of Vision into Hope Fellowship Church, the Teaching Pastor will help:

  • develop a clear, shared understanding of community so that members of Hope Fellowship can articulate it themselves.
  • Develop an annual calendar of sermon themes that incorporate the vision and mission of Hope Fellowship Church.
  • Develop and implement/oversee teaching activities that promote the overall culture of grace at Hope Fellowship Church.
  • Strategic Resources

As co-shepherd of the strategic plans, policies and procedures needed to achieve the vision of Hope Fellowship Church, the Teaching Pastor will:

  • Develop, maintain, and implement a corporate strategic plan subject to approval by the Vision Leadership Board, to accomplish the church’s goals and intentions, and achieve the vision of Hope Fellowship Church.
  • Work with direct report staff so they develop vision, goals, and objectives in their respective ministry areas within the framework of the church’s vision, goals and objectives, and ensure these are followed through.
  • Work with direct report staff so they develop, maintain and use appropriate policies and procedures in their ministry areas that enable the effective, efficient and safe operation of that area.
  • Develop, maintain, and use the above (vision, mission, values, intentions, policies, and procedures) in the ministry areas of Believe, Belong, as well as supporting Bless and Stewardship ministries of Hope Fellowship Church.
  • Bless every Neighbour
  • Fully support the Executive Pastor in the strategic ministry integration of the Bless value into the ministries of Hope Fellowship.
  • Human Resources

With oversight responsibility for direct-report staff, the Teaching Pastor will:

  • Assist the Executive Pastor in hiring ministry, office support, facilities and finance staff when required, being sure to engage other staff and volunteer ministry leaders in this process as appropriate.
  • With the Executive Pastor’s lead, engage in the equipping, encouraging, empowering and evaluation of their direct report staff to ensure they are able to be successful in doing their work, are performing to expectations, and as much as possible are given opportunities to grow personally, spiritually and professionally.
  • Accountable for providing leadership in managing, coaching and mentoring their direct report staff as required so they develop into strong servant leaders modeling Christ in their respective ministry areas.
  • Be available to direct-report staff, spending significant “face-to-face” time interacting with them.
  • Pray regularly for and with each direct-report staff member.
  • Monitor team dynamics with a view to building strong and effective teams, communicating, supporting, and collaborating together while moving as a team toward the vision and mission of Hope Fellowship.
  • The Teaching Pastor will:
  • Maintain a strong awareness of what is happening in the life and ministries of Hope Fellowship Church through extensive personal and regular interaction with staff, the Vision Leadership Board and members of the congregation.
  • Meet weekly with the Executive Pastor to debrief and maintain healthy channels of communications related to the ministry of Hope Fellowship.
  • Co-chair monthly staff meetings.

E. Administrative Functions:

  • Attend the monthly Vision Leadership Board and their Executive meetings, attend the Pastoral Care Elders and their Support Team monthly meetings, and attend occasional Life Group, Worship, and various other Ministry Team meetings, as needed.
  • Regularly report to the Vision Leadership Board on current plans and issues such as ministry and staffing updates, with respect to goals and vision, etc.

F. Qualifications:

  • A public commitment to Jesus as Saviour and Lord.
  • A commitment to the Vision and Mission of Hope Fellowship Church.
  • Ordained Minister of the Word in the Christian Reformed Church of North America. (Article 6, 7, 8. Church Order)
  • Strong communications skills.
  • A team player who is able to effectively lead and develop staff by living into the fruits of the spirit and modeling the servant leadership of Christ.
  • Five or more years of leadership experience in a Teaching/Shepherding position preferably in a church or religious organization where he or she held primary responsibility for delivery of mission achievement.
  • APEST result leaning more to the Shepherd/Teacher. (Ephesians 4)
  • An ability to minister through other people by developing leaders, programs and plans that enable others to do the work of ministry.
  • Demonstrated success in cross generational shepherding and discipleship, with a passion for leading, guiding and influencing the next generation.

G. Evaluation:

The work of the Teaching Pastor will be evaluated on an ongoing basis according to the guidelines set out in Personnel Standards policy.

H. Other Responsibilities:

In consultation with the Vision Leadership Board, assumes any other responsibilities that may arise.

Bullet Legend:

  • the same as Executive Pastor
  • different than Executive Pastor


Hope Fellowship Church

1685 Bloor St. Courtice, ON L1E 2N1

Worship Services: 10:00 a.m.

Live Stream:


Executive Pastor: Brian Bylsma
Worship Ministry Director: Pastor Nicole Veenkamp
Children’s Ministry Directory: Anita Koene
Rentals Administrator: Chris Ritskes
Office Administrator: Evelyn Oudyk
Bookkeeper: Paul Guerin
Custodians: Ron & Linda Touw


Jeff Friend - Chair
Larry DeBrouwer – Vice Chair
Yvonne Doorenspleet
Brenda Neutel


Michele George - Chair
Heidi VanderMeulen
Gary Oudyk
Jennifer Shand Hazel
Sheldon Hinds
Kevin Gates


Janette DeBoer - Chair
Addy DeKoning - Clerk
John Dykstra
Joan Doorenspleet
Lilian Bouma
Peter Hoekstra
John Touw


CADETS for boys from grades 3 to 8, meets at Hope Fellowship on Tuesday evening from 7:00-8:30 p.m. Activities include wood working, sports, socials, devotions and badge work. Contact Person: Anita Koene

FOOD BANK runs out of Zion CRC, and is supported by Hope Fellowship and Zion. Open Thursdays from 11:00-12:00 from September to June.

GEMS for girls in grades 3 to 8, meets Tuesday evenings from 7:00-8:30 at Hope Fellowship. Activities include devotions, badge work, crafts, music, dance and socials. Contact: Anita Koene, Elly Jaspers-Fayer, Melissa Rypstra

CLARINGTON YOUTH for grades 9-12. Meets Wednesday evenings from 7:00-9:00 at the church offices. Contact: Brenda Westerman

HOPE Junior Youth, for students in grades 4-6, meets twice a month (second and fourth Sunday) for a bible lesson, which includes engaging video lessons and small group discussion time. Contact: Anita Koene

HOPE Kids is for children from JK to grade 3. Meets during our Sunday morning service for kid’s worship, stories, activities and small group discussions. Contact: Anita Koene

IGNITE Young Adults group for those from 18-30ish. Meets Thursday evenings, 7:00 p.m., at Hope Fellowship. Contact: Hilary Irish

LIFE GROUPS meet at different times in different locations and include men’s groups, women’s group, young adults and adults. Contact: Kevin Gates

MEMBERSHIP & MINISTRY CLASS is a group which examines faith and allows each member to consider making a public commitment to Christ. Contact: Pastor Brian

MOPS is for mothers, women and wives. MOPS meets on the first and third Wednesdays of the month from 9:30-11:30 a.m.. It’s a chance for some adult time, to foster friendship with other women. Child care provided. Contact Jenda Hamelinck, Alida Gagné or Krista Ritskes

NEW MEMBERS WELCOME LUNCH happens every other month and is a chance to those new to the church to meet key ministry leaders and to learn more about how Hope Fellowship works. Contact: the office.

PRAISE TEAM Contact: Nicole Veenkamp

PRAYER GROUP meets in the prayer room on Sundays from 9:15-9:45 am, Wednesday from 7:00-8:30 p.m. and Thursday from 9:30 – 10:30 a.m. Everyone is welcome to come. Contact: Connie Collins or Jackie Vanderlinde.

SEASONED SOULS: Meets monthly. Contact: Bruce McCallum


A community embracing and living out God’s redemptive plan.


To bring people into a living relationship with Christ by equipping them to BELIEVE in Jesus, BELONG to God’s family, and BLESS every neighbour.


Understanding that the redeeming work of Jesus Christ is the foundation of all that we are and do, at Hope Fellowship we believe that:
God’s Word is central to our worship and programs
Our worship praises God and is spirit-filled
Ministry with youth is integral to our church
All church participants grow in their relationship to Christ through teaching and training
God’s love in all of us is evident in how we reach out to the community
Our church bonds through fellowship and accountability
Prayer is central to the life of the church



2020 Member Families: 150
Baptized Members: 188
Total Professing Members: 255

2019 Member Families: 154
Total Professing Members: 263

2018 *Numbers indicate a massive clean-up of membership, not a huge drop in membership) Member Families: 211
Baptized Members: 234
Total Professing Members: 234

2017 Member Families: 206
Baptized Members: 234
Total Professing Members: 358

2016 Member Families: 204
Baptized Members: 237
Total Professing Members: 358

Age Categories (this includes all people in our data base who have given us birthdates)

0-3 | 13
4-11 | 90
12-18 | 46
19-25 | 71
26-35 | 67
36-50 | 30
50-64 | 129
65+ | 40

2020/21 Budget: $850,000
Reduced: $737,550
Note: Reduced due to CV19